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Some tips on the Silk Road

We have collected the mainly information in Silk Road Gold on other site. We sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!

When we started playing SRO we never overpriced. When we found an under-priced item we would warn its owner or would buy the item then sell it back to its owner at same price once they went back on. We even used to price my junk very low, hoping that others would do the same and we could thus all share the good items that we found and all benefit from this fair-market policy.

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These were the beginnings of SRO and things have changed, the game is not new anymore and the overall morals have hardened quite a bit. Now I’m a lowlife bastard greedy cut-purse who will jump on any great deal without a thought for the Silk Road poor sob who got his item bought for a half or even for a tenth of its real value. So if you want to make money while still being compassionate, this guide is not for you we are afraid. We have not raised that skill.

Yet we do have ethics in my practice, for example we will try to haggle unless if the item is really overpriced and it is much gold for me. We are a big believer in karma so I try to do unto others what we would want to be done unto me. For example, if we get my hands Silk Road Gold on an obviously mistakenly underpriced item I will contact the seller and offer him to buy the item back.

Of course if it is a very valuable item, or worse a critically important one like my current main weapon in sosun quality. It may take some effort to do it. To tell you the truth, we was happy the incredibly underpriced sun xbow we found recently was in the stall network.Silk Road  So that we did not know who got ripped.

My point is though, ethics are important and each one decides which manners of ethics he will include in his practice. You do not have to be ruthless, not even a little but you can do business and remain perfectly fair. We are not perfectly fair. We are not advocating one way or the other. We are just saying that it was easier to be fair when we were total newbie.

Thanks. Hope you have a good time in SilkRoad Gold. If you have no time to level your character , our SRO Powerleveling service is your best choice.

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