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All server are not crowded for 4 months

Silk Road Online is the best with people who have passion in doing online games. All server are not crowded for 4 months already,it means you can at an instant without waiting unlike what most people said. In this game you well find much mature player, who play and work, well of course there are kids. This game has the best action graphics u somehow imagine it to become reality.

The korean owners only let anyone in to play for free, if they like to win a price for the game. But after they win, all servers made crowded 24 hours a day with bots. Login without a premium ticket what will buy for real money, is utterly impossible. At the forum i have read people was waiting about more than 9 hours for one little login into the game.

So this game has become names like Botroad Lagline, or Hackroad Botline, or Shitroad Payline or anything else.

Korean owners dont give anything about real players who would not pay to play. Support for players = 00000!

Perhaps the gouverments of any country must stop any conections to this kind of moneymaking to give kids even more chances to live a real life.

And of course the great kind to spend energie by waiting for a little login. If there are only some minutes, it is ok. But at this one kids spend more than 9 hours by waiting to login. More than 9 hours pc is running at the same screen without any chance to login. Thats idiotic, nothing else. It is the badest thing called game and Silk Road Gold i have ever seen in the web.By the way.the companies name is Joymax, but i have seen the better name into the forum what is called JoyBot. This name JoyBot tells all people the big love between the companie and all the bots what made all servers crowded 24 hours a day seven days a week.

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