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Hunting Tiger Girl in Silk Road

Alright now i'm going to talk about what requirements you should have before trying to fight Tiger Girl in the game Silk Road

1) Your charcater should atleast be level 24 (I'll suggest level 30+ if you dont want to have a hard time). As long as white/black tigers dont more more then 1-2 damage to you then you alright. An ideal character built to fight Tiger Girl would be a Str build because they have very high defense and strong attacks, which is good because your going to have to endure like 50 tigers at once.

2) You should have atleast 3 friends or more who are at your level (assuming your levl 24) or higher to join you so you don't get targeted by all of her tigers. Usually there are going to be like 10-20 people (usually high level) who are usually camping inside the stronghold for Tiger Girl (if you don't have 3 friends your lvl or higher) so you could probably tag along with them and you should be alright.

3) Bring lots and lots of pots and abnormal cures because its going to be a long fight and you don't want to die and have your body being over runned by all of those tigers

4) You should have your character with beserk mode ready so you can hit Tiger Girl hard, strong, and fast before she starts spawning too many tigers.

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Here are some strategies that can help when fighting Tiger Girl

1) As earlier told, you should have atleast 3 friends or more who can help you out and get your back for Silk Road Gold. Before fighting her though, you should make a party with Exp Share so you can all have a fare share of the experience at her. Remeber, everyone is focusing on killing Tiger Girl, not her tigers, so Exp Distribution is kind of pointless.

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