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Silkroad: Single Player Role Playing Game

As the title implies, this post is a discussion regarding how the community feels about a Single Player version of the MMORPG Silkroad Online. Before you stare in disbelief, please take a moment to understand the concepts highlighted here.

Some of you might have perhaps played popular single player RPGs like Final Fantasy or similar and you might have realized all these games have the potential to be turned into MMORPGs. And as it turns out, this works the other way around too, at least theoretically. The interactiveness in such a version would be quiet different as the player experiences a different kind of game-play than the online version's community centered one.

Having a proper storyline specific to which player you select during character select screen and a leveling system that relies on quests rather than repetitive grinding with quests being more interesting and storyline dependent rather than being all about "kill monsters or collect items(Silk Road Gold)".

We would like all of you to first forget everything you currently know about the game-play of the online version and approach this discussion with new game-play types in mind and interesting storylines. Remember you've the power to use all of the animations and the graphics and the functions(party, guild, PVP) at hand to improve your level(Silk Road Gold). The diverse combinations possible are virtually infinite.


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