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Best Bower PvP build in Silkroad

Here is about Bower PvP build guide in Silkroad 20 cold gives you some p.def not much tho. But the 20 cold allows you to use snow shield 20% which is pretty cool damage reduction. But you should rather go 110 cold, but in that case you might need to be more hybrid due to the high mp usage thanks to snow shield. But as some smarter bowers will answer you for sure.If you need SRO Gold you can visit our site .

Your damage can get very crazy with division+strong bow crit.force and cold make same damage. most of people go to cold for defence, from debuffs or idk but they forget that force can give u defence too with impotent+new stun spot, and with bow u have KB combos have alot benefits in force and you really like it.If you level up your character our Silk Road Gold service is your best choice.

In wars you play like a normal bower , buy / get speed , and get defence from cleric like everyone else. your damage that many people think force build have weak damage.light is making bit more damage because the mag atk buff so incrase ur imbue damage.

many people go for light too , because speed parry ratio and phantom. speed - is not problem you can train without. Silk Road Gold in wars u can get or buy, your problem is only the PR but u can fix it with good set 60% pr and white pr 61%+ , than u just don't have the phantom .Still looking for a lot more posts btw, You know there's a lot of opinions on what's better, but you should like to go with the majority .


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