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The Guide for Hybrid guild in Silkroad

Glad to see you in Goldicq. The guide for Hybrid guild in Silkroad which from other website, maybe it can help you more or less. Now just have a look.

Hybrid build: a person whose background is a blend of two diverse cultures or traditions. In SRO, there is a lot of talk about the "best" builds. People naturally want their characters(Silk Road Gold) to be strong, and preferrably as strong as or stronger than everyone else. Many players on both the Korean and International servers have come up with builds that are extremely good at what they do.

Most of these builds are "pure" builds. The player has put all of his character's stat points into either str or int. There is no arguing that these characters are killing machines and that, with the right gear and skills, they can own just about anything they touch. Hybrids, as you probably know, have put stat points in both str and int. This approach has many advantages, it gives the character(Silk Road Gold) more HP and more physical dmg than than a pure int character, and it gives it more MP and more magical dmg than a pure str character. However, these boons come with their disadvantages as well.

Hybrids are the true utility characters. They may not excel in anything, but they are good at virtually everything. Hybrids kill fairly well in PvE and use
less pots than pure chars. They are good at all jobs and can have a very diverse skill set. They are decent PvP charactrers. If you are the type of player who likes all the elements of SRO and wants to be pretty good at all of them, a hybrid build might be the one for you. Besides, one of the main draws for me in creating a hybrid character was the fact that it is different. We did not want another pure str fire glaive.

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