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PvP in Rohan

In Rohan, PvP is a major part: Blood Feud. Once players reach level 30, they gain the ability to attack other players for gain of riches, and in the case of dhans and dekans in assasination mode experience. They will also be susceptible to the same.

PvP battles includes any fight against another player, 1 on 1 fights, guild battles, and township battles. PK will not be an option until the player reaches level(rohan crone) 30. To attack a player you must hold control and click on the player, or use a skill while holding control.

Characters(rohan gold ) in this game have a hit list to refer to. Player Killers are listed and the player can teleport to them. Previous 50 killers of the player are listed. A party will be teleported with the person who vengeanced. Dhans can not be vengeanced by a party. When venging a specific player, keep in mind when you kill them through a vengeance, they can also venge you with a party, unless you are a dhan.


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