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One day,we walked into a picture from another picture. Walking in Switzerland is (roue carbone ) this feeling. ClickSwitzerland, Lucerne and Cabel retrieved bridges are inevitable. Lucerne weencounter on the river can be covered with flowers from Royce's coveredbridges, octagonal towers began, and flocks of swans at Lake Lucerne,surrounded by the end. Lucerne this picturesque town, lake and Castle as herdress, is the ethereal clouds peaks shawl. Ancient towers and winding corridordependent on the water, flocks of white swans gracefully struck, color thrownslightly between the ripples. Yacht masts and towers to strengthen the romanticscenery, and pleasant in the cool air can be collected free clean air.

Lucernehas been for us, not just a distant misty take the world's imagination. Today,we sat quietly Lake, with her shuttle with moon and stars, to indulge in thatnear-perfect light, beautiful mountains and rivers which envy, fell into amidsummer night escape.

I do notknow how, one where people completely loose, slack, and the circadian rhythmand naturally slow down, people floating.

I thinkthis will make those who read the text today(rohan gold), and will also follow the youngchild's imagination come to find here? We are the youngest group in only 11years old, is here verified that the description of the beautiful. As theoutstanding award, the young mother to honor his promise.

Readabout the Swiss do not like Lenin's article about this account of the couple inexile, to explore the spread of revolutionary theory, most people are notinterested, do not stretch crop. Now do not see the brutal resuscitation of therevolutionary struggle of the Swiss are not interested, it seems not withoutreason.

In thecorridor and down to see the big picture violin girls and street boys areplaying music with no one else to narcissism. They feel directly with theyoung, courage and vigor to enjoy this city is the kind of accompaniment, themelodious music of walking slowly, he is followed by the United States BritainBritain's.

Lev.Tolstoy's short story "Lucerne" in the little street singer that waspulling the memory, high-quality cold mocking people, of the legendary waiter,and entertainer who seek rewards ashamed and hesitant, took place in the tallold in front of the hotel it? Time goes by, morals completely changed or not(rohan crone)?

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