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Metin2 was the first real MMORPG experience for me

Metin 2.metin2 yangfor a game of this kind anyway. All monsters and player classes do have their own sounds and i suppose the only thing to wish for is that the monsters would actually say the things ..


Introduction for you of Metin2

Metin2 world of martial arts movements, can show levy war in the base factually. Kennedy, magic, are all the runners - an assistant, hero, but these are far from enough light, if WuJiangLi reagent sup..


Assassins and Suras in Metin2

Metin2. Only the rarest minds and bodies can survive the brutal training needed to become an Assassin. their great skills can quickly change the tide of a battle. They are lightly armored class, thoug..


Introduction for diamond in Metin2

Metin2, armor and glittering jewels when they each appear in front of you, you are firmly attracted! More surprisingly, when you put these stones into the socket of equipment, miracle will come, and t..


A Complete Metin2 Alchemy Guide

metin2 yang. Alchemy in Metin2 starts out with a whimper being only mildly useful, but it sure does end with one heck of a bang. The third tier alchemy recipes tempted even you to keep this to yoursel..


Background Story Of Metin2

metin2 yang service here: A long time ago, there was only one that Empire existed in this continent. There was no war, no illness and people lived happily together. However, everything changed when a ..


Metin2 Information: Skill Deck

Metin2, the rotating skill deck is a unique feature that allows you to decide the flow of combat before ever stepping into battle, keeping the focus on action rather than flooding you with options whi..


Skill Deck Guide Of Metin2

metin2 yang. The rotating skill deck in Metin2 is a unique feature that allows you to decide the flow of combat before ever stepping into battle, keeping the key on action rather than flooding you wit..


Metin2 Goes Cloes Beta

MMO METIN2 will be enter Closed Beta .metin2 yang email. Shortly after the registration, join millions of players around the world. With a fast paced and more dynamic battle system, metin2 yang create..


Tips for Refining Metin2 Ores

metin2 yang if you think it is necessary , so how to refine them and where can you refine them ? Read the tips delow and you will clear about the processes !Metin2 gold for payment .Thats about it , h..


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