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Background Story Of Metin2

Welcome to enjoy reading Background Story of the game and enjoy the cheapest metin2 yang service here: A long time ago, there was only one that Empire existed in this continent. There was no war, no illness and people lived happily together. However, everything changed when a huge Metin2 Stone fell from the sky. The Metin Stone transformed animals into monsters and spread deadly diseases every where. People were suffering, those who were killed by monsters or died from the diseases returned as undead. They wandered around and refused to leave causing chaos and destruction. Soon after that, the single Empire collapsed and fell into three kingdoms. People from the three kingdoms fought with each other in order to survive. To this very day, they still treat each other as enemies.

The falling of the huge Metin Stone was just a beginning of Metin2, smaller stones may continue falling from time to time. No one dares to get close to the Metin Stone, because the most terrifying creatures reside are there. Recently it was discovered that the power of the Metin Stone is increasing; it seems that it is consuming energy. This power forced the Dragon God to appear on the continent and people were hoping that peace can be restored again. Then you should become an ally of the Dragon God, use your power to defeat the metin2 yang  Stone and reunite the three kingdoms. That is all, hope it could help you.


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