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Metin2 Information: Skill Deck

In Metin2, the rotating skill deck is a unique feature that allows you to decide the flow of combat before ever stepping into battle, keeping the focus on action rather than flooding you with options while in the thick of it. Upon entering combat mode via a quick tap of the F key, the skill  deck will appear at the bottom of your screen, presenting you with a short horizontal row of up to five skill options. Executing your initial attack will then rotate the deck vertically, presenting you with a second row of skills. Players can start out with 2 rows of 3 skill slots each, but as you advance through Fame ranks, new rows and columns open up to help round out which tactics you want to employ.

You'll eventually be able to chain together different types of attacks which grant increased benefits so long as you successfully land each attack in the chain. Navigating the skill deck can be finished in a couple of different ways, allowing you to find a method that works best for your particular playstyle.metin2 yang Each horizontal row will have 1 to 5 skills which are mapped to the number keys on your keyboard. Pressing the number key for that particular row will 'arm' that row of attacks, or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to navigate horizontally across the row in either direction. It is a good idea to get comfortable with whichever method works best for you early on. To use the skills themselves, hold down your RMB, treat this as 'arming' your skills for attack. Once the red indicator on your crosshair is lit up, a LMB click will then fire off whichever skill is currently active, indicated by a glowing boarder around it's icon. That is the content, see you next time.


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