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Assassins and Suras in Metin2

Assassins are the master of stealth and archery in Metin2. Only the rarest minds and bodies can survive the brutal training needed to become an Assassin. their great skills can quickly change the tide of a battle. They are lightly armored class, though they do have the highest dexterity amongst all the classes. Assassin Forces: Players can choose from the "Assassin Force" or the "Archer Force" after they reach lvl 5. "Assassin Force" skills focus primarily on stealth and precise melee attacks. "Archer Force" skills focus primarily in range attacks using a bow. 

Suras are infused with demonic power that is chaneled though their arms. The source of their power is unknown and unpredictable. Suras hve few friends and are often driven by an insatiable desire for power. Sura Forces: Players can choose from the "Mirage Force" or the "Black Magic Force" after they reach lvl 5. "Mirage Force" skills focus on using magic to enhance a Sura's melee capabilities. "Black Magic Force" skills focus on powerful ranged magic attacks to bring down their metin2 yang.

Doing business in a proper way prosperous financial resources, business is booming. They Want to "Heavenly Sword in Metin2, biography" in the dominant party and became a respected strong is essential. All these business opportunities, stall shop is undoubtedly the most convenient. Easy way to huge income, so that the general audience quickly realize the dream of a Fugu giant in game.

Heavenly Sword 2 outsiders in the shop for set up stalls and the general choice for the player to accumulate wealth, but how to make your store plenty of money, you need some meitn yang mind it! Coincides with the summer coming, a variety of stores with a dazzling array of goods sprang up. In the majority of players look at the various stall inventory tips to help you as soon as possible to become extremely wealthy successful businessman.


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