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Metin2 was the first real MMORPG experience for me

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about a free MMORPG called Metin 2

This was the first real MMORPG experience for me, the reason for searching for a free MMORPG was that I was not sure if I would like/have time to play as much as a paid subscription would require me to do, to be able to justify the cost. I did try alot of different games before finally downloading the metin 2 client, the reason why I stayed with this one was that it was easy to understand the interface while it was powerful at the same time. You get missions at the start of the game that help you get used to the controls and help you explore more of the world, while giving some experience points and some ingame currency.

Metin2 picture

The graphics are very good and can even match several of the games that actually cost money and you dont need the latest graphics board to be able to play the game in a decent resolution either.

The sound effects are pretty basic, but I can honestly say that they are more than enough metin2 yang for a game of this kind anyway. All monsters and player classes do have their own sounds and i suppose the only thing to wish for is that the monsters would actually say the things they show in speech bubbles above their heads.

The music is very soothing and have in some way managed to get very nostalgic for me, I used to have it running all the time when I was a low level player just starting the game and now when i pause my mp3 player and actually listen to the game music again I get a very nostalgic feeling of hearing the tunes from the first maps.

The game is free, but you can buy a currency in their "Item shop", this currency you trade for other items that can help enhance your gaming experience. There is absolutely no need to spend money on this game, you can reach high levels without it since no items lock on to any characters, this means that enhanced items can be bought for the in game currency or traded for other items with players.

Items can be upgraded with the "help" of a blacksmith, the items can require different materials to be upgraded together with some ingame currency, this also helps bring the game forward as it gives you goals to obtain to finally be able to try your new shiny sword to the next level. Although a word of warning, the items can break and then you will lose it completely, there are ways to avoid this and you will learn after managing to grasp the more advanced concepts of the game.

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