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Introduction for diamond in Metin2

Gem inlay system is introduced Guanghua dazzing weapons in Metin2, armor and glittering jewels when they each appear in front of you, you are firmly attracted! More surprisingly, when you put these stones into the socket of equipment, miracle will come, and the glory of the gem of light weapons and Howard intersection together, demonstrating more dazzling brilliance. Since then, you will become the weapon is the king of the weapon, the best.

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Metin2 Will refined mineral direct drive to weapons, armor or jewelry inlaid Mosaic, can have the chance of failure, after the success of the gem inlay, attributes and the original equipment failure, enchase 2 attributes after gems into rubble, without any attribute, must be removed after gravel again enchase other gems. Once the diamond is successful, the equipment can enchase additional gem contains attributes. Diamond, the more higher grades, enchase the additional attributes of the equipment and power will be bigger.

In the Metin2 world of martial arts movements, can show levy war in the base factually. Kennedy, magic, are all the runners - an assistant, hero, but these are far from enough light, if WuJiangLi reagent supported, lest too difficult to do today. Adhering to the traditional Chinese medicine, the essence of the synthesis Metin2?free world also launched a unique herbs synthesis system, through a variety of herbs synthesis and classy potions, will provide a more complete player, let the game(metin2 yang) experience hero invincible.

Synthetic methods and in the game, we can find out the specific NPC on the synthesis of herbs, "Doctors" -- be proficient in the synthesis of herbs, but only smatters, therefore can only be synthesized from primary potion. "The bandsman" early focus for sounds, after the medical career offers salvation through melody road to realize the essence, can herbs synthesis synthesize primary and secondary potions. "Young" - young and wealthy businessman, clever, collect the fairy medicine, because god grass with "musicians play much crossings", so proficient in the synthesis of herbs, spend big secret, so can be purchased herbs from beginning to the top of all the potion.


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