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Metin2 Goes Cloes Beta

G4Box has announced that their MMO METIN2 will be enter Closed Beta .

G4Box is happy to announce that Close Beta Testing Keys are available now. Simply, submit your email address, name and age at www.metin2shop.com. The Beta Testing Key will be sent via metin2 yang email. Shortly after the registration, join millions of players around the world. With a fast paced and more dynamic battle system, metin2 yang creates a whole new style of MMORPG featuring epic battles and vast environments. Best of all, it?s absolutely free of charge to play.

Key features include massive battles up to 300 players simultaneously, 3 kingdoms and 4 classes to choose from, learn to ride horses and much more. Unlike most RPG?s this new action packed genre provides metin2 yang a more intense and diverse game play, impressive graphics with stunning animations and effects. In addition, the dynamic battle system allows controlling of attacks rather than issuing a command, thus making it more strategic and fun.

With more than just fighting enter and control a whole new 3D fantasy world and participate with players from all over the globe. With various classes of characters including WARRIOR, ASSASSIN, MAGE, and SURA, engage in different styles of combat as each character possesses a wide range of weapons. Be one of the first to get the Beta Testing Key as metin2 yang keys are limited. Just visit www.metin2shop.com to get the Beta Testing Key. Experience the new and exciting metin2 yang MMORPG and possess the fate of your destiny .


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