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LaTale is a product of casual online gaming debut Actoz

LaTale is a product of casual online gaming debut Actoz. This is a side-scrolling game style animation cute. Players can participate in adventures in a world full of myth and mystery.Latale Elyis usef..


A small tale from a small person of Latale

LaTale is a 2D fantasy game with cute graphic and just cute in general. Ive always been weak to cute things and I happend to have a big love for side-scrolling 2D games. So when I saw LaTale I happy. ..


Details of Latest Updates in Latale

La Tale is a beautifully illustrated world filled with fun, friendship and adventure. The extensive character creation and development options allow each player to have an unique adventure every time...


Episode 2 Mecha Empire will Sweep EU Soon

Latale published by Aeria Games in Europe. First off, can you sum up the whole operation status of Latale in 2009 for our readers?Latale Ely? If it is under preparation, when will it be available?MMOs..


Ghost Online Of The Shadow Odyssey

Latale Ely guide in this Ghost The Shadow Odyssey guide and prepare to step into a world of grand adventure as you re-trace the steps of the Ethernauts in your battle to protect Norrath against the Vo..


LaTale PvP Tactics

LaTale, learn the following tactics . Hope you will become the winner party in that combat . Now read it on !latale ely.latale ely.latale ely, such as Falador. Large clans can dominate these areas, cl..


LaTale Introduction

Latale in the market had the lowest price, if you do not believe, please contact with our live support for further details. We can sure that in here you can get the best service. You are buying the la..


LaTale Interview with Ross Parks

MMO space, is the variety of different games available to try at any given time. While Im not generally a fan of most F2P (Free-2-Play) games on a personal level,LaTale ely a few weeks ago to talk abo..


LaTale EU Version Upcoming

LaTale, an anime-inspired free-to-play MMOG developed by Actoz Soft, in all EU territories.Latale Ely is a unique, magical adventure entwined with mystery that unfolds as the player progresses through..


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