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Details of Latest Updates in Latale

La Tale is a beautifully illustrated world filled with fun, friendship and adventure. The extensive character creation and development options allow each player to have an unique adventure every time. Players can enjoy a hundreds of activities ranging from digging up treasure, to a day in the beauty shop, to an afternoon of hunting monsters.

La Tale is a new generation game that embraces the history of gaming. Throughout the game players will find faces and places reminiscent of all the games they've played in the past.


Side Scrolling Action

Walk, Run, Jump your way into and out of trouble in either direction! The classic feel is just right when the action starts and the swords come at you!

Anime Style

Your enemies may look cute and adorable in all their fashionable threads, but nobody better call you cute. You are just the cool, hard-boiled action Latale Ely this world needs.

Combos and Streaks

String those awesome martial skills together to form a combo and knock your enemies to the smithereens. Keep hitting them to get the best hit streak in the land.


Sewing may be for your grandma, but in La Tale you can specialize in your own crafting skill. Whether it be creating potions, weapons, accessories, armor, or refining, you'll always be prepared to take on a new enemy!

PvP Arena

You love your friends but there is nothing wrong with proving you are still the best at what you do.

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