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LaTale is a product of casual online gaming debut Actoz

LaTale is a product of casual online gaming debut Actoz. This is a side-scrolling game style animation cute. Players can participate in adventures in a world full of myth and mystery.

With cute graphics, easy controls, with good fight scenes, colorful, and the quest system is strong and friend, LaTale is expected to attract a large number of female players as well as younger players .

Latale was officially launched in Korea in 2006, and opening in China and Japan in April 2007. And in the future, ACTOZSOFT will continue plans to expand into other markets in foreign countries.

Publisher OGPlanet probably also quite familiar with North American players. OGPlanet was founded in September 2004. The company currently operates more MMO games on their portals in North America. Some products issued by companies like Albatross 18, Cabal Online, Rumble Fighter, BBTanks.

LaTale is a unique, magical adventure entwined with mystery that unfolds as the player progresses through the game. It embraces the amusing history of gaming itself through exciting quests that propel the gamer through trips down "memory lane."

Set in a lush 2D side-scrolling world, players embark on their journey as one of fourteen classes ranging from intrepid treasure hunters to powerful warlords, or from magic-wielding sorcerers to song-weaving bards. With elaborate game systems such as guilds that provide stat bonuses, trained pets that assist in combat and personal shops, the game promises extensive playability.

"Almost every aspect of LaTale sets it apart," said Grant Wei, Executive Producer at Aeria Games, "the whimsical art style and rich music combined with immersive story-telling and casual, intuitive game play provides immediate fun for all players-there is no learning curve."By the way,Latale Ely is useful in the game,if you need,you can buy some here.


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