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LaTale PvP Tactics

When you encounter the PvP situation in LaTale, learn the following tactics . Hope you will become the winner party in that combat . Now read it on !

Making use of tactics and innovative ideas can help to turn the tide during battle. Working together with teammates can also improve your chances of succeeding and get much more latale ely.

A common tactics used is to stay in protected areas such as banks until there is a suitable opponent to fight.

This will, however, decrease your chances of good loot as opposed to spending time in dangerous areas. In addition, there is a good chance of your opponent running to the safe area.

The PVP world special items can deal large amounts of damage quickly, have very high defence, and have high accuracy in latale ely.

These items can make a large difference to a fight in your favour, as well as the corrupted dragon items having a large effect in free worlds. The Miasmic spells can also give that crucial edge.

Use the environment to your advantage! Terrain can deter meleers, and dangerous monsters nearby can make your opponents think twice about a fight.

If you are alone, avoid multi-combat zones latale ely, such as Falador. Large clans can dominate these areas, clearing it of any competition.

Using special attacks to KO your opponent once they are at low health will cut down on their ability to run to a safezone or teleport. Keep the same thing from happening to you!

Bring enough wealth to ensure good drops, but don't bring too much; if it doesn't help you get kills, it's not worth the potential loss should you die in latale ely game .

Make use of the Combat Triangle and make use of hybrids to increase the probability of you getting kills.

Making use of Ancient Magicks' Ice Spells or Normal Magic's binding spells can help you get that last few damage in before they can escape. Teleblock helps also.

While spending a long time in an attackable zone will lead to an increase in drop potential, using 'fun' weapons such as flowers, mouse toy, or rubber chicken will not lead to an increase as these weapons are not actual weapons and defeats the purpose of trying to kill your other opponent! Using low level strike spells to prolong latale ely a fight also does not increase drop potential.

Straight after getting a kill, many people will try to kill you while you are weak. Avoid this!

I hope any player has better tactics please post them in our comment or other palces to share with other players . Thank you !

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