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Episode 2 Mecha Empire will Sweep EU Soon

MMOsite: It is our pleasure to have a chance to do an interview with Susan Revelt, the Product Manager of Latale published by Aeria Games in Europe. First off, can you sum up the whole operation status of Latale in 2009 for our readers? 

Susan: We just completed open beta with the launch of our cash shop at the end of August.

MMOsite: Will you add new server for Latale Ely? If it is under preparation, when will it be available?

Susan: New servers will be added as our community grows. At the current rate of growth we expect to add a new server at the end of this year.

MMOsite: Latale is a very cute 2D side-scrolling MMORPG. Before it landed on Europe, it has been regarded as Maple Story killer. What do you think of this honor? Did its performance in European market afford this honor?

Susan: Comparing La Tale to Maple Story is unfair for Maple Story. La Tale is a much newer game with updated graphics and advanced game play mechanics. La Tale takes the 2D side scrolling genre to a whole new level with La Tale Gold.


MMOsite: Can you extract the highlights with which Latale can stand out from the other similar style MMOs for us? 

Susan: Each one of the hundreds of maps has a beautifully drawn with a distinctive style and theme. You will find a completely different set of monsters to fight in each level group. PvP is the most advanced in any 2D side scroller. So many fashion outfits and character customization options that each player can create a totally unique character. Finally I must mention the extraordinary game community. These players are genuinely wonderful people who make playing exciting and pleasurable for everyone.

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