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LaTale Interview with Ross Parks

One of the things I enjoy about this industry, particularly in the MMO space, is the variety of different games available to try at any given time. While I'm not generally a fan of most F2P (Free-2-Play) games on a personal level,

I've seen the audience that games like LaTale have and during my time within the game, I was bombarded with social interaction. We had the opportunity to sit down with Ross Parks, the Producer of LaTale ely a few weeks ago to talk about the title in it's released state.

Allakhazam : Before we get started here, congratulations on your successful launch of LaTale ely!

Ross : Thank you! We're excited about LaTale ely and the great response it's received so far, and glad for the opportunity to share some details about the game with your readers.

Allakhazam : Can you tell us a little bit about LaTale ely?

Ross : LaTale ely is a 2-dimensional, side-scrolling action-MMORPG which merges the modern world with various fantasy realms. The side-scrolling gameplay gives players the ability to perform a variety of actions with simple keyboard operations.

This lets players enjoy the fun of an action game, which is not easily found in other MMORPGs, while the well-structured story of the game enables players to savor the immersive world of an RPG.

While this world is traditionally very popular with teenagers, we believe that the easy-to-play casual gameplay makes it really enjoyable for a wide range of gamers. We feel that LaTale ely can be enjoyed by players of all ages (including elementary and junior high school students) and players of both genders.

Allakhazam : There are four classes available to play. Can you please tell me a bit about each of them?

Ross : The four classes consist of Warriors, Knights, Magicians and Explorers. Here is a brief description of each class:

Warriors: This class has the strongest physical offensive power among the four classes. They mainly use two-hand weapons like spears and two-handed swords. Compared to the other classes, Warriors have lower defensive power but they make up with raw power and high HP, making this a good class even for beginners.


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