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Jade Dynasty is a very nice game

Jade Dynasty Gold, you find yourself torn between the siren call of each Faction. Each will grant a different power to pave your path to immortality.Will you follow the path of good, and choose Jadeon..


Jade Dynasty has an oriental setting

Jade Dynasty is the third MMORPG to be published by Perfect World International. Like their previous titles, Jade Dynasty has an oriental setting. Much of the games environments and monsters are borro..


Change Quest for Jade Dynasty Class

Jade Dynasty will help you get more EXP , so we should get a close look at what quests will be like . Here are some change quest for each class of this game , please have a look and learn what they ar..


A Game You Shall Never Miss

Jade Dynasty enters its open beta on June 15, 2009. It is a game you shall never miss. You dont believe it? Go and see the features below. Jade Dynasty is the English-based, North American version of ..


Jade Dynasty Air Combat: Ascension Warp-up

Jade Dynasty and combat in the sky! The new expansion Ascension gives us too many surprises, flying combat mounts, new races, new factions, brand new story-line and so on. And we sat down with the dev..


Jade Dynasty Announced

Jade Dynasty Gold , early this summer. Jade Dynasty is the English-based version of Zhu Xian, one of Chinas most popular Free-To-Play games. Based on the extremely popular internet novel, also titled ..


New pet Jessie Guide in Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty Gold to make your pet more beautiful.Jade Dynasty Goldservice on our site when you dont have time for your character.


Affinity Quest in Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty Gold, please have a look on our site.Jade Dynasty Gold. Not the area in those Pics.Jade Dynasty Goldservice from our site when you dont have time for your character.


A Guide of Jade Dynasty Bosses

MMO fisher !Jade Dynasty , if you are interested in you can read the following description :lvl 81- ch3- Doom Bog - Wasted ruinsHe is nasty, not because of the dmg he outputs but because he burns your..


Best Class to earn Money in JD

Mmobread . Hope you have a wonderful time on our site .Jade Dynasty Gold? the Skysong is a wonderful farmer , Now we will tell you the reason of it ,I found this article from other site , Hope you lik..


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