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Affinity Quest in Jade Dynasty

The Affinity quest many people talking about is the Felkin Affinity one. Its in Moontop Hollow, but the area looks totally different than that. You can get a good view of what the Fel Lands will be like from the initial area it drops you in. Maybe you need to buy Jade Dynasty Gold, please have a look on our site.

But its not the same one you're thinking of in terms of area. We have combed that entire Affinity quest area, its nothing like these screenshots show. There is another exit from it, but you'd have to be really good to be able to hop over the boulder thats in the way of it. But that leads to the Primordial Pagoda in Jade Dynasty Gold. Not the area in those Pics.

Find "Corners" on the large stairway that leads up to the top of the primordial pagoda at the bottom floor of the main stairway. You can go through the walls and underneath the stone floor on the 2nd floor. You can buy Jade Dynasty Gold service from our site when you dont have time for your character.

Then, Jump through the walls towards the outside of the map and you will fall onto the main floor to the map. Like, it looks like a wall, but it really isn't a wall at all. There are craters, waterfalls, MUSHROOMS, and other rare stuff that isn't in the game yet. As well as a giant cracked Egg.


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