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Change Quest for Jade Dynasty Class

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Doing quests and hunting mobs in Jade Dynasty will help you get more EXP , so we should get a close look at what quests will be like . Here are some change quest for each class of this game , please have a look and learn what they are ?

1. Lupin : You have to kill this 1 boss in starting town map.

2. Skysong : All you do is talk to this one NPC in starter town a few times and boom, you are Skysong clan .

3. Jadeon : You have to go to Jadeon map and kill 6 gorilla mini mobs (6 of them) and go back to the NPC in your Jadeon town.

4. Modim : You have to go to this swamp area, which is past the SkySong map and jadeon map and find this 1 tree. Beware, there are tons of elite monsters in this map.

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