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New pet Jessie Guide in Jade Dynasty

New pet Jessie is used by many players. Does she only have one form or anyone have any kind pic on g12 or g18, we love this pet but we told to wait till we find some more pic on g12 or 18. Maybe you need to buy Jade Dynasty Gold to make your pet more beautiful.

On the comment about the forms in Jade Dynasty, the second form (G12) adds a necklace, bigger hair braids, a slightly bigger bow, and bigger tassles on the dress. The third form (G18) adds white full wings, gold lining on the dress, larger hair braids, more facial detail. It looks like she grows up from a 1 y.o. form, to a 2 y.o. to a 3 y.o. form.

On the initial form, she looks similar to my chubby baby, just without the mount. The pet is a celestial pet, so all forage types are possible with this pet. Please buy  Jade Dynasty Gold service on our site when you dont have time for your character.

You also can add her to your pet zoo as soon as you could even if you still have 1 of each attainable pet, you don't consider Anan or BG Tiger attainable and the GM gift Hellfire demon you don't consider attainable.


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