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Best Class to earn Money in JD

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Do you know what job earns the most money from grinding in Jade Dynasty Gold? the Skysong is a wonderful farmer , Now we will tell you the reason of it ,I found this article from other site , Hope you like this article , No more talk , let's begin :

1. In general , Skysong have the identical passive def buff as Vim so their def is pretty high up , they just gotta refine their armor to a good amount .

2. Ranged attacks limits amount of money spent of pots which need more money saved , and a lot more money gained .

3. If Skysong can 3 hit a monster before it gets to him/her , Each night they may need use a minimum of 10 pots .

4. Skysong can def buff themselves , so in situations they can have even more def than Vim .

5. If Vim is more like your playing style , you must choose Vim . But from a strict money making stand point , Skysong and Vim are both good , but Skysong is better .

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