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First Final Fantasy XIV story and details show up

Like a lot of the recent Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XIV 's storyline takes place on a warring continent. Called “Eorzea” in this case. Eorzea is divided up into many “city-states” full of squabling people and nations that fight amongst each other. 

However in the new age, the arrival of the airborne Battleship, amongst other immensely powerful weapons, has resulted in a state of peace amongst the once enemy city-states. Since each state is now powerful enough to destroy it’s neighbors, the governments have taken a haitus on war. Because of this though, many of the nations people’s who profitted on the fighting have now found themselves with nothing to do. Thus the soldiers and mercenaries of the old world have decided to start guilds, and go searching for adventure in far away lands.

Final Fantasy XIV takes place in Eorzea which is a small continent with several surrounding islands. The game world itself will be realistic in that time will pass and weather will change. Currently one in-game day corresponds to one real world hour. Though that might change. “It won’t be like Eorzea will be night for hours because it’s nighttime in reality… I want ffxiv gil to be enjoyed even by those who can play only a short time out of the day, so I’d like the sort of time schedule such that it’s always a different experience timewise when you login to Eorzea,” said game director Nobuaki Komoto.


There are five races in the game which look similar to those of FFXI, but with different names. They include Hyuran (Hume in FFXI), Miqo’te (Mithra), Lalafell (Tarutaru), Elezen (Elvaan) and Roegadyn (Galka). Like in all MMO’s, you can fully customize your character in FFXIV. The Hyuran race is also further divided into Midlander and Highlander while the Miqo’te or divided into night and day versions. These sub-classes are known as Moonkeepers and Sunkeepers, respectively.

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