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The semi-finished product in Final Fantasy XIV

So far, only 630,000 copies of Final Fantasy XIV have been sold all over the world, with 190,000 copies sold in Japan, 210,000 in North America and 230,000 in Europe. No more than 1,000,000 copies in almost 2 months, which is the worst in the selling history of the Final Fantasy series. The price even encountered a sharp drop in many places shortly after the game entered the market. According to official statistics, the number of Final Fantasy XIV's simultaneous online players has dropped to 32,000 till now. 

Final FantasyXIII has sold 5.55 million ffxiv gil since its release date in December 2009 (the Xbox version was sold several months later). Only 10 months after that, Final Fantasy XIV entered the market officially. The game's detailed development work is unknown to us, but we can still find that it is a very hurried product. In the closed beta held early this year, crowds of testers suspected Final Fantasy XIV's prospect since there're so many serious bugs hidden inside, and such suspect was just strengthened by the game's operating situation later – Gamespot scored Final Fantasy XIV 4 out of 10. Yoici Wada, CEO of Square Enix, apologized to the public for the game personally, and extended the free trial gaming time by one month. Frankly, Final Fantasy XIV's special settings are indeed creative, but there do exist numerous bugs and the PC system requirements are also extremely high. Moreover, the in-game quests even don't have any descriptive words. All these can just be concluded as follows: Final Fantasy XIV is totally a semi-finished product.

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