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Square’s long-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy XIV is finally out, but should you spend your time and money playing it? The answer to that question will really depend on how much of a blind lemming you are to the Final Fantasy games. I say blind lemming as that is the only way anyone really could choose to play Final Fantasy XIV over the multitude of actual working MMORPGs on the market. Square has released a nearly unplayable game that’s in-excusable even when compared to other MMORPG launches. Star Wars Galaxies was better at launch than FFXIV is.

First off, the game is a lot less punishing than Final Fantasy XI is. On one hand you really don’t have to worry about losing a level anymore when you die, but on the other repair costs for your gear (once you get out of the newbie starting stuff) are astronomical. It’s also easier to level with most ffxiv gil offering difficulty levels ranging from solo to large parties. But the unfortunate thing is that due to the 36-hour cooldown on quests, once you finish the limited number offered at each location; you can be stuck grinding for a while. However with the game’s fatigue system, which completely disables your experience gain after a set amount of time, that limits your grinding. Once you hit the wall with the fatigue system, you need to switch to another job (even if you don’t like the job) to continue leveling up.

Gone are the static jobs of FFXI. Instead of going to your Moogle house (which is also gone in FFXIV), you simply equip the weapon/item tied to that job to switch to it. Want to be a Gladiator? Equip a sword. A miner? A pickaxe. And there are apparently hidden sub-jobs as equipping a shield will give you one. But the problem with this system is the horrible interface. When you switch a job, your ability hotkeys do not save. That means you have to manually reassign all your abilities every time you switch a job. That wouldn’t be a problem if there wasn’t such horrible interface lag. It can take anywhere from ten to thirty seconds for your input to be registered in almost anything you do within the final fantasy xiv gil. Add to that the fact that the interface really hasn’t changed much from FFXI and you have a recipe for frustration.


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