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The skill about PK in FFXIV

Here is the skill about pk in FFXIV.I hope it can help you more or less.

1: Weapons points 7 100% success rate 

Methods: 26 core holes installed successfully added a silver saber 4 points 7 points to 6 weapons first, then silver sword on a power point 5, and then directly point to 7 +6 weapons. Time: Tuesday afternoon to 22 o'clock before. Location: Dr City (revision before the metaphorical sword, saber, instant success, I recorded as trade unions together into nine +786 weapons. Props to replace the current point card)

2: militant fight field, can each player can get the point card per person props.

Methods: The point of delivery into the field armed fights NPC, but not into, over time, so it was victory, and then go in, you can take FFXIV Gil. Best line up one by one to take, and go fight the incident occurs. (Personal sense official serious BUG, not a selling point card has it)

3: break sleep or slow down (the use of natural resistance to abnormal states)

Methods: The sleep or slow down later, press the space bar several times, there are moments of sleep, or slow down the natural break

4: slide playing (official have written, I do not say)

5: Decomposition and production pads senior mana potion to increase the success rate

Revision, and props to the points card replaced.

6: switch weapons proficiency

Methods: A knife that can be replaced by long-range weapons, guns or bow class, you can put the core, halo and so long-range skills, without close.

7: Black Horizon (the abyss of the best hidden place of courage)

The highest point of the abyss of courage (ancient next to), the general ran the enemy will not see the sky below, the top is suitable for an ambush the enemy.

8: two red gas

Methods: to air before the Buddha in Romania and Irimura 2 gas can be washed back and forth (to fight the time difference)

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