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Let me talk about Dissolve

Training produced the most troublesome problem in FFXIV is the friend decomposition and manufacturing error rate too high? Well, I pay how do you solve this problem. 

Let me talk about Dissolve

Decomposition, it is best to prepare some small iron, or cloth, to ensure that no one around to use decomposition machine. Then the first decomposition of a small iron or fabric, recommended a small iron, overcharged several groups.

Then in small iron, iron is also a decomposition of small mistakes and success, when the failure to achieve 2 consecutive time, then the next decomposition can decompose the equipment you want to decomposition, and this time success rate is 70%, usually at decomposition at this time, if the decomposition still fails, then the decomposition of equipment under a 100% success rate.

So, if you want to achieve 100% decomposition of success, then it is simple decomposition of a small iron, 3 consecutive turnovers, the next is absolutely 100% success.

Attention! This method must not be used when people use the machine, because all the data using the machine is classified as one, that is, if you see someone with FFXIV Gil and a machine decomposition failed 2 times, your success rate is high immediately decomposition.

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Here to talk about manufacturing

This is the topic of many headaches it, every time someone else manufacture the Navy Saber fail, always someone unhappy.

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