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Final Fantasy XIV will Head to Gamescom

At the Gamescom, numbers of MMOs will be shown, and Final Fantasy XIV is on the list. Square Enix Europe has announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be attending Gamescom. The producer Hiromichi Tanaka, who had leaded the development of Final Fantasy I, II, III, and XI, will be there at a special photocall, of course he will give more information of the game at that time.

We have seen lots of information such as the world and gaming system of the game befroe, but most is on writing words. And many rumors have indicated that we will have a playable Final Fantasy XIV at the Gamescom. At least, according to, we can see a live gameplay. What will Hiromichi Tanaka and his team bring us, just wait and see it at Gamescom. 

Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy IX's Tetra Master the card has 4 values and 8 arrows on it. Once one of the arrows on the card points to the opposite's then the fight begin. And the player who holds most of the cards after all cards are placed is the winner.

By the way, there is another card. In Final Fantasy XI there is MMM(Moblin Maze Mongers) that allows players to create built-to-order dungeons, or mazes with custom settings. The maze you creat also depends on the card you use. For instance, the fighter's card could create a fighting maze while gardener's create collecting maze.

FFIX's cards or FFXI's cards? Personally, I prefer the in-game cards of FFXIV Gil. Whatever, If FFxiv creat a new card play mode, that would be fun too. What do you think about these cards? 

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