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Features of Cronous

Cronous: The Shadow of Conspiracy is an action MMORPG. It is an action role-playing game based on a level system combined with a skill system. A player attacks monsters and accumulates EXP by solving ..



For those who are inexperienced with purchasing the Cronous , Gold, Buy Cronous , Buy Gold from the Cheapest sellers should be attention. There are many gold sellers that are frauds and scams that can..


Castle Management in Cronous

Cronous, the Castle Management system is similar to a business simulation mini-game with various investment options to choose from.cronous cro.


Cronous Launches in Philippines

Cronous. Set to launch commercially in February, Cronous is steadily moving in on the Filipino MMORPG gaming space.cronous croto the gaming community here in the Philippines. Cronous can provide a tou..


Cronous Launches Commercial Service

Cronous will launch its Commercial Service this August. Cronouswill still be Free to Play online but will also include an Item Shopwhere users can buy premium items. Introduction of its commercialserv..


The method of leveling up in the game

Cronous:cronous cro disparity), anti-high blood thick anti suddenly, within seconds of you controlling it, to overlook the large die hard. For the trumpet, had no defense, do not have to suddenly, can..


Guide to Barbarian points in Cronous

Cronous also has a long time, although progression is not high, but how much experience is summed up a little hope here and share with you.cronous cro; full barbaric obviously unreasonable, life is to..


Cronous: Making a Character

1. Connected to the game for the first time, there will be nobody in a ruined castle wall. So you have to make a character for youself by selecting button at the bottom of the screen.2. You can select..


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