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Cronous: Making a Character

Maybe there are many problems to players when they are play games first time, then i hope this statement will give you some help:

1. Connected to the game for the first time, there will be nobody in a ruined castle wall. So you have to make a character for youself by selecting button at the bottom of the screen.

2. You can select one of the characters, for example Fighter, Valkyrie, Magician and Savage. The details of the class character will help you to choose which class you want to play. You can also select the gender of the characters in each class.

3. Now you have to name your other self. The name of the character will be your name that will be used in CRONOUS game world. So i think you can try your best to get a great name :P

4. After making a character, you will be taken to the castle wall that you saw first. Here you can find the character whice one you just made. If you press (Start) button, you will begin the exciting travel to the world of cronous cro.

5. Then you can buy cronous cro Gold for you character, Goldceo is your best choice, we got enough gold in the stock, and our gold in low price always, so hurry up !

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