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Cronous Launches in Philippines

There's a new MMOG coming to online gamers in the Philippines.

The details are as below: 

Online gamers looking for an MMORPG with more bite than bark are up for a treat with ABS-CBN's new offering Cronous. Set to launch commercially in February, Cronous is steadily moving in on the Filipino MMORPG gaming space.

Gamers are treated to a quick level growth and speedy action, both strong points of Cronous compared with other online games. Cronous is targeted to users who want to play classic MMORPG but dissatisfied by passiveness of the game play.

Cronous picture

Cronous is published in the Philippines by ABS-CBN Interactive's online games division, Amped Games. This MMORPG was created by Lizard Interactive, a game software development company based in South Korea.

"We're very excited to introduce cronous cro to the gaming community here in the Philippines. Cronous can provide a tougher experience to MMORPG purists and an easy entry experience for neophyte gamers as well," says Mitch Padua, Division Head for Amped Games.

Cronous is now in free play. "It's the best time to take advantage of the game and get a head start over other Cronous players," Padua added. He said Amped Games expects a minimum player base of 200,000 during its initial launch phase.

As soon as commercial service kicks in, players can purchase Amped prepaid cards at any Loadcentral outlet and all SM Information counters. The same Amped prepaid cards can be used for cronous money, Tantra, WarRock and GetAmped, giving players more access to content with just one card.


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