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Cronous: The Shadow of Conspiracy is an action MMORPG. It is an action role-playing game based on a level system combined with a skill system. A player attacks monsters and accumulates EXP by solving various quests. Accumulated EXP is reflected in the player’s level and he can use a special item according to the level, or he can use skills that others can’t use. Also he can use various skills by his own special combination.


- Dynamic Battles and various Magic; CRONOUS made various efforts to make cronous cro and various kinds of magic to emphasize the fun of action role playing game. You can experience 3D sound which varies according to the distance & direction of the character’s animation which changes depending on the weapon. Also creative Level Design & various types of magic and monsters’ dynamic Al will make the battle more dynamic.

- Non-Linearly Storytelling and Variableness; CRONOUS has 100 kinds of quests. Some must be resolved, but some of them can just be ignored. Also some special quests are hidden. A player can meet the hidden stories by solving various quests one by one. Some quests will show whole different results according to a player’s action. A player can meet the changing world which varies according to his own action in CRONOUS.

- Growth items; There are growth items in CRONOUS. As a player grows up, these special items increase their ability. A growth item will have a different tendency according to a player’s fighting style. If you travel the continent with the growth item, you’ll find yourself equipped with the best item. Also if you travel for a long time with a growth cronous money, you can have your name inscribed in your item to leave it in CRONOUS forever.

- Up to 30 million kinds of skill set; Players can learn up to 30 kinds of skill per character. While traveling CRONOUS, he can remove the skills that he thinks unnecessary and learn new skills. At the same time, a variety of character sets are available by providing special skills according to the job of the character. Thanks to numerous kinds of skill sets, there’ll be no character with same features like one of your own. Also we provide a combination function for frequently used skills.

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