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The method of leveling up in the game

Said the following in decreasing order of Cronous

1. First option is to cut or magic properties by, for Master (armor + ice A), demon fighting (Golden Mask + ponley solution), there have been professional advantages of reducing material for other occupations, mainly to see the career trend. (I recommend you do before the deal with Magic by assassins, but the last 2 months of practical experience that: As the magic cut too much, and now the assassins were armed with bows running, a lot of power in practice magic, trapeze into cover mainly Take the bow suddenly people. Meanwhile, the archers began to rise... seems to matter less than the magic by practical, and extremes meet ^ _ ^)

2. Equipment and skills to reduce injuries by injury is not increase the relationship:

Skills by injury: 15% resistance (archers), wishful ring 20% (magic) 80% of calls and body, heaven and earth cover 100% (magic)

Many say that resistance is a bow to play more than the skills of cattle, say 5% to take a bow ignored, and then make a 80% + resist injury by 15%, on both the offensive and defensive. There is a problem, anti-loaded 80% + 15% = 95% resist? In fact, in fact not the case (otherwise the archers took a soul equal to double by 15% shield), anti-fitted to resist 80% +15% × 15% = less than 82%, abnormal Klose in attack power world, 82% reduction in wound the soul of the fundamental Kangbu Zhu.

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Another 80% of calls and reduce body injury in the reflection which was about

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