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Guide to Barbarian points in Cronous

I  play Cronous also has a long time, although progression is not high, but how much experience is summed up a little hope here and share with you.

Barbarian: strongly recommended force size, as sensitive brutal, as to find some additional attack again and again hit the jewelry ring necklace is well-jewelry attacks do not fully look at how much cronous cro; full barbaric obviously unreasonable, life is too easy for low ceiling was second. Brutal force but also of body type and weight of attack against type as a barbaric attack and defense can play to the extreme, how you add it depends on what kind of equipment is and where you want to leveling of the question, but regardless of how Canada, best to add the power of 144, after all 56 of the Pharaoh hammer not every savage has the. Skills, strength as high as possible, shouting 20, the impact of an armor and courage is a matter of personal equipment may be, AWL lot of courage, need not increase (added it anyway), did not say not to increase the skills of oh

No more than 2 points in brutal program, the largest differences in the use of double or shock wave, contrast: double cronous money, attack more, lower-level monsters can be seconds, hit the poor; shock wave hit over more basic tightly empty However, relatively few attacks, but can form large attacks.

Option One: body care full, cronous cro full, full of reading ability, lion heart full, hands full, and the remaining increase precision, and 100 or so physical, 30 or so agile, increase strength of the rest. Reason: double hit is not high is the biggest drawback to fight monsters, to make up for the appropriate increase precision and agility can bring good results. Why not roar? Because the double attack speed, who are willing to call back what a waste of time roar? A few seconds off Gengshuang ~

Option Two: body care full, full blast, full of reading ability, lion heart full, hands full, cronous cro and more, plus roar of the 120 or so physical, the rest of the power increase. Reason: shock wave attack is not high is its biggest shortcoming, in order to make up for the appropriate roar few times, and still enjoy the fun blame seconds, also can play as an area of attack would be hurt more, more physically appropriate, help to protect own, super shock wave hit, Lion Heart sufficient, without more agile, stay to the strength of it.


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