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Upgrade for Spearmen in C9

C9 Online, all of the spearmans attributes fall somewhere in the middle among Rank D mercenaries.C9 Gold useful into the mid levels. Spearmen start out with high enough DEF to earn a spot in the front..


How to farm C9 gold in game

C9 Online gold and the player Ouqi rmb .. he got him .. so you forget you have a level of money to go after you get back to everyone to .. 90. do not get mad years later Tenth point: dry brush .. the ..


C9 Blade Master use attack skills

C9 Online transfer course: Fighter-Elite C9 Fighter-Choose one from the three(Warrir, Blade Master, Guardian)C9 Gold for solo players.


Guide about Metal crafting in C9

C9.I get it from other website.I think it can help you play well the game.Alchemy is a specialized career, which need a large number and variety of odd materials.C9 Gold/ defense power. Also it can ma..


C9 experience for players

C9 Chinese name is about the dust settles, the official notice of its stations and micro-Bo will be in the TGC after the opening. Opening day drama as C9 will be shocked by the scenes and high-quality..


Skill Raising in C9

C9, some of these skills are tempting, so some players may be try to teach their Hero and Mercs every skill available to them, and some skills are Hero only. But that is not a really good idea, and he..


C9 Living skills: Alchemy

Alchemy is a specialized career, C9 Online which need a large number and variety of odd materials.Goblins claw debris, burning debris, sharp claws, earth element powder, the atmosphere element powder,..


New Character about C9 online

C9 has harvested 5 significant awards at Korea Game Awards 2009 in graphic, music, character design and so on. Its well-made graphic and impressed feeling of beat made it list players must-play mmos i..


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