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How to farm C9 gold in game

Ninth point: If you are not rmb .. do not go to the player cheap C9 Online gold and the player Ouqi rmb .. he got him .. so you forget you have a level of money to go after you get back to everyone to .. 90. do not get mad years later Tenth point: dry brush .. the world is not our mind Tenth point: Since the players to do the preparation of non-rmb .. .. do not go to reds how provocative how others make you change your line you do not seek temporary tongue .. fast .. You have to remember the name of the line to come back later to make money to upgrade the most important .. Twelfth point: red and blue is not what you eat .. I ate a big red .. or to other people send me ... Thirteenth point: there must be plenty of time online .. hard to say you did not turn out the general good .. this is not the way the XIV: do not use the external / linked (non-RMB thing, please God, can not afford) ... if you do not want to worry about their numbers have been so One final point: Do Do not do cheats. This is the most shameful means .. even if you can afford a +15 you have no one.

Make money, and experience the  first point: ground play boss ... of course this requires much better understanding of several weapons and equipment levels similar people ... .. is important that when the group .. the best boss fight is all their own .. know .. so a lot of trouble can be omitted .. Plus the best people do their own leader rift gold optimistic about the level of weapon when kicking .. .. Do not be afraid Do not be vague or you curse ... how can you ensure that each team boss is Second: .. sometimes smashing equipment can wear is not recommended to drop his other career .. you can hit the same level of equipment can be sold for money .. of course, rise into his body .. Fails, it will not be reduced to the point where there is no equipment to wear.

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