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Upgrade for Spearmen in C9

Except for atrocious MAG and MAG DEF scores in C9 Online, all of the spearman’s attributes fall somewhere in the middle among Rank D mercenaries. 

Players can upgrade him at level 20, 50, 80, and 100 with Ashen Jewels. As he progresses, the spearman develops the second highes among his rank D peers, and the rest of his attributes keep him competitive with the C9 Gold and swordsman for spot in the squad.

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The high DEF of the spearman means he can mitigate some of the physical blows dealt to him, but his poor MAG DEF and middle-range HP means that magic attacks will make C9 Online Gold of him.

Spearmen are available as mercenaries from level one, and their Lightning Spear ability could make C9 Gold useful into the mid levels. Spearmen start out with high enough DEF to earn a spot in the front row. Be careful to heal them as soon as possible when hit by magic because their low MAG DEF is their weakness.

You will have to pay C9 Gold for each upgrade from them which becomes very inconvenient. While if you have a lot of levels that you need to upgrade to.

Another inconvenience is that its very difficult to locate these NCP’s much less the one that you need to find for your particular craft upgrade. If you are the highest level with C9 Online Gold in the game. For a certain area you are limited to upgrading your craft this way.

But more often than not you will not be and you can upgrade free and easy from someones else’s work. Once you hit level 10 go out there and start teaching crafting to gain points, use world chat as much as you can also, it only costs 1k gold so its cheap.

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