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C9 experience for players

On December 5,C9 Chinese name is about the dust settles, the official notice of its stations and micro-Bo will be in the "TGC" after the opening. Opening day drama as C9 will be shocked by the scenes and high-quality Pictures feast, so that hundreds of millions of players to understand "the masterpiece return" mood. It is reported that the game will Tencent Ma Xiaoyi, vice president and CE0 Jin Bingguan Korea WEBZEN company, Kim Chang-Geun and other guests will attend the heavyweight scene, and the players to witness the C9 birth name in mind!

In addition, we are most concerned about the content of the site experience, Why? Disclose the following in advance for everyone!

In order to fully experience the majority of players C9 beautiful and intense PVE screen operation, we have provided for our players, "Survival Challenge Mode" This mode does not consume a special copy of the fatigue zone, players enter the game, a total of 3 waves of monsters to attack defense. Each wave attack only a few mobs and a monster head, wiped out after all the monsters go to the next, and will continue to increase the strength of the monster, the player if all the deaths were in the process challenge fails. But if a successful challenge can be limited directly around the world to win a C9!

Finally, remind players, December 5 to receive on-site staff in the experience of coupons distributed only after the C9 Gold exhibition to participate in activities Oh! However, once the booking voucher complete the case, the majority of players need not worry, we will try to ensure the arrangements for you to experience the hope that C9 high-quality gaming experience to leave you dripping fun!

C9 journey is about to open in the future we expect more players to join the warriors in order to achieve the ideal, the guardian of faith, let us into the C9 era.


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