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New Character about C9 online

The most anticipated action MMO C9 has harvested 5 significant awards at Korea Game Awards 2009 in graphic, music, character design and so on. Its well-made graphic and impressed feeling of beat made it list players' must-play mmos in upcoming years.

The following screenshots are from C9's latest class Witchblade. Differentiate from previous aesthetic design of Shaman, the design of Witchblade seems over-revealing. Do C9 seek a new sexy method to compete with other high quality action MMOs such as Tera, Mabinogi: Heroes? Do C9 Gold want to be granted two more awards - Action King and Sexy Queen in 2010?

Witchblade, the fourth class of C9 Gold, is a charming female Witchblade with tempting curve and distance in her eyes. She not only has powerful energy using her ice-cold and sexy charm to overwhelm the enemies, but also excellent battle effectiveness using both magic and sword.

In addition, C9 Gold also introduces the secondary job of Witchblade, besides unleashing the image of female character. Players need to reach a certain level so that they can further choose from secondary job. Witchblade has three secondary jobs, they are Warden who is able to exert pre-eminent power by using magic in middle-distance combat, Slayer who is good at close battle for quick action and prominent sword skill, as well as Night Rogue (translated).


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