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C9 Living skills: Alchemy

Required materials:
Alchemy is a specialized career, C9 Online which need a large number and variety of odd materials.
Goblin's claw debris, burning debris, sharp claws, earth element powder, the atmosphere element powder, the water element powder and so on.
Alchemy mainly produce the magic potion that can resume physical strength. It can creat the buff-type potion to enhance various properties of the attack / defense power. Also it can make the transfomation-type potion to help you summon and change your figure.

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Alchemy Skills usage:
Alchemy originated in the ancient C9 Gold spells for the purpose to bring non-metal into a precious metals. However, in this process, under the help of the new learning and magic spells, gamers will find many secret law increasingly, which is beyond the common sense. No one knows what will happen in such a condition, so the secrets can only be passed on through the teaching of alchemy and preserved in their division.
Required materials:
A large number and a variety of metal is needed, so it is quite cumbersome sideline.
The lowest-level iron debris, low-level iron debris, pieces of gold and so on.
Armor strengthen components debris (lower), C9 Online Gold Armor strengthen components debris (advanced) and so on.
We use this skill mainly to make weapons and mental armor for battle use. Players can also produce the auxiliary consuption props for the use of repair the weapons in battle. Besides, the guild members can make metal ornament for their houses.
Metal Crafting usage:
The core is the production of combat weapons and armor and metal materials. Other things that including armor strengthen components, repair tools, bomb-making, throwing weapons, arrows, bullets C9 Gold and other combat-related props and a variety of decorative ornaments and a variety of non-combatants metal props.

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