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Sherlock Holmes is a dedicated detective who will follow a case anywhere to get his man in Uncharted Waters Online Gold.
Along with his loyal assistant Doctor Watson, he has traveled far and wide to help police solve tons of cases. It is said that Eden is a peaceful, beautiful continent, which is precisely why he came here several days ago for a vacation.
However, it seems that trouble followed Sherlock Holmes to Eden. Recently he has noticed a suspicious man following him around the streets and is not sure what to do about him...
UWO Gold online Team, IGG

Event Duration
11:00pm~11:59pm EDT (GMT-4) Aug 19th Gaea(Uncharted Waters Online Gold)
9:00am~10:00am GMT Aug 20th Havoc(2)
9:30pm~10:30pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug 20th Haniel(2) &Sofiel(2)
10:45pm~11:45pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug 20th Nisroc(2) &Forcas(2)
11:00pm~11:59pm EDT(GMT-4) Aug 20th Atlantis(2)& Zeus (2)
Event Rules
1. Sherlock Holmes helped the Angel Lyceum find some clues about the location of that suspect. All the Uncharted Waters Online Gold need to do is try to catch him!
2. One of our GMs will announce the start of the event and the GM's location. Players must then go find the GM and add him as a friend.
3. The GM will set a stall to tell players 4 clues about the location of the suspect.
4. According to the clues, players must find the suspect as quickly as possible to win a reward from the GM.
5. Each clue will be displayed for only 5 minutes. Hurry up!
6. Only players who are friends with the GM have a chance to win UWO Gold.
7. If nobody finds the suspect, our GMs will still summon legions of monsters for players to fight and earn Exp.
8. Our GMs reserve the right to final judgment in any an all aspects of the event.
Event Rewards in Uncharted Waters Online Gold.

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