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the Assist class in Flyff

Once you’ve given the forforms to the assist master, you’ll be told to go find the high-dwarfpet, which are located in the lawolf area, just before the flyff gold grown-up lawolves. I can’t remember his name, but he’ll have a question mark over his hea, so you’ll spot him easily.

Once you’ve spoken to him, you’re given a label of technique. Do not lose it Without it, you can’t complete your job quest. Now then, you are told to defeat a mob called Chaner(flyff penya), a scorpion-looking mob located in Madren town (located near the flyff penya demians), just over the hill by the bridge. Kill him, and go to the assist drillmaster. The lady beside him should have a question mark over her head, so talk to her. Go through all the dialogue; and a blue light should shine over you. Congratulations! You are now an assist! You’re stat points have been reset and have recieved more skill points.

Becoming a RingMaster

Ringmaster: To become a Ringmaster, you must be a level flyff gold 60 assist. Go to darken (the city), and talk to Ellend, the Ringmaster Master. She’ll tell you to kill 20 drillers to prove you ability. Go and kill 20 normal drillers, not small or captain.

Once you kill them, go back to Ellend. She will give you a Successor of Hero scroll, and tell you to go take this to Ringmaster-Wiseman Clamp. Before you can do this, you must get the seal of Aenn, which has been stolen by Ren. Ren is located in flyff penya Saintmorning, between the Bulcrows and Dumbulls. He looks like a demian, so he’s easily spotted. Kill him, and the seal will be auto-dropped into your inventory.You can buy flyff penya.


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