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Flyff Assist Job Quest(2)

As an Assist in Fly for Fun, we can meet lots of quests. Before you do them, you should know some information on them. The below i i collect some information on Assist job quest. Hope they are helpful for your adventure.

This Quest locks Flyff penya gain. Do not hand in any other quests while this quest is active for you will not receive any Flyff penya for that quest.

The Assist job change quest is divided into 4 parts, each part requiring a specific task to be performed successfully to reach the next part.

Assist Quest 1

Quest Starting Location: East Flaris
Quest Requirement: Level 15 Vagrant
Quest NPC: (Assist Drillmaster) Elic
Quest Name: Vagrant Master
Task: Kill 10 Small Aibatt, (No time limit, unlike what the quest text says) and return to (flyff penya) Elic
Reward: 1500 Flyff penya, access to next job change quest

Quest Text:

"I am sure you made a really good choice in Flyff penya game, but keep in mind that this is not easy at all. Now I must give you a simple test. Are you ready? I will see how quickly and precisely you take the teat, based on your little bit of time as a vagrant. Hunt 10 Small Aibatts and come back to the Drillmaster. Understand? Go!" You can buy flyff penya.
Accepting Quest Text:

"Do it quickly!"
Denying Quest Text:

"Are you afraid of the test? I do not need a chicken like you. Get away!"
During Quest Text:

"I had to endure so many difficulties in order to become an Assist I hope you do too, because it is the only way to become a true Assist"
Completed Quest Text:

"Good job, but you still have lots of things to do. Becoming an Assist is not that easy. I am sure you are ready for it. Good Luck!"

Assist Quest 2

Quest Starting Location: East Flaris
Quest Requirement: Level 15 Vagrant, Completion of part 1 of assist job change quest



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