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the first in a special backpack

Here they talk about Flyff file conversion before the basic principles of posts in the next re-start in terms of it, file conversion is our policy, because after all the old players to play for 4 years, and accumulated a lot of "hard-earned money", in September to the new Flyff, we will take the player over all the items them altogether, we will put a special backpack, the players can see in this bag all the items you turn.

Items in the old Flyff after taking over, and then we will provide details for each class of goods convertibility option Feijian Take for instance(flyff penya), we will have two options, one option is exactly the same as the original old Flyff Penya , option 2 is the position in the newFlyff in with a few pieces of similar aircraft, and then select any exchange of their choice. Here again particular stress, is not the same day can be exchanged for file conversion, file conversion is all the items will fall into your child get over to say, the first in a special backpack, things can not be used temporarily, it will not be lost, and then one by one one by one to the Exchange Rules!You can buy flyff penya.

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