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Get SparkCash with the Ultimate Game Card

Looking for an easy and convenient way to purchase SparkCash?

Starting today, you can now purchase the Ultimate Game Card from over 21,000 major retail locations in the US and Canada, including 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, and Wal-Mart and redeem the full value in SparkCash! You will no longer be charged any additional fees! These non-branded cards are a great way to buy SparkCash if you don't have a credit card or to give SparkCash to your friends(fiesta gold).

Hit up the Fiesta forums now to get all the details about this perfect holiday gift for the Outspark fan in your life.
*be sure to steal their buffs/purge their buffs
Chain cast stifle, cast 1 stifle, blast away, when it runs out cast fear, blast away, cast the stifle, blast away(fiesta online gold). (Don't be afraid to Mana burn, Archers need SP for their skills too, but not that much so to make sure you wipe it all out don't waste it when they have full sp.)


Sometimes Archers will be tricky, and try to kite you. They have a longer range then you, and can cast more spells whilst running then you. Do not fall for this. If the archer starts to run away let them, and run in the opposite direction to avoid their range. If they want to fight, they’ll have to come to you, and once they do, get em in you range and punish them!


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