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Tales: go hang it, the only experienced low-level, but also linked to the chest and refined copper metal box, the two are very good things Oh, fine metal box I have a very fixed source, hanging day 1.5W / a guide, wholesale to him, I hung one day No. 3 (not 24 hours hanging) can be linked group 1, and this income is 100W +, get some copper box, then your key (or buy others , not on the 4000 / to) open to open, a treasure map and the awakening of a synthetic character, etc.

Basically, do not earn a loss (do not buy a key to open the store), and then hang up at the same time concerned about the time, one to the whole point time to go chest to open space, 8 lines for the open, no problem, then the general character able to open at least a character or a synthesis of awakening, of course, also open to the value of a debris lifted 2 Legend of Edda gold .

Said it under the plus points first. (Because no on the game . Can only remember that under the natural frequency of the name in Legend of Edda) 1 Series: fingering specialization 10. Erratic Janus 10 10 90 call of God is God Thunder 1:03 series: dragon swordsman, 10:00 (100 percent-plus cut injury) fingering 10 (disability of 22 percent sign Legend of Edda gold) Sword Dragon Shadow 10 (disability of 45 injuries) Epee 10 plus points this premise is a magic element air (A) interruptions of anti dragon plus a reason for that: 1 line. Having selected a disability. so go add blade (single fatal injury) on the meaning of significant but not the 13 series plus(loe gold).


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